Life Update

I thought for for my sanity and for you guys who take the time out of your busy lives to read my blog to update you on what’s been keeping me from blogging. Other than close friends and family, no one has known why I’ve been distant since the beginning of Summer. I know I have disappeared off the face of the blogging Earth from time to time, for selfish reasons (school, work, wedding planning, etc.), but this time it was for family.

In the beginning of June, my sister was having migraines and wasn’t sure why all of a sudden so she was more or less on bed rest until the doctors could figure out what the hell was going on. Mid June she went to the hospital because nothing was changing and the frequency of her migraines began to get worse. Finally they had an answer, but it was one neither my sister or my family were prepared for; it was a tumor. They scheduled her for a biopsy which turned into surgery to remove the whole tumor instead, to be on the safe side.

A couple weeks later, we waited to hear whether or not the tumor was cancerous; it was. We were relieved that it was removed, but now my sister had to wait to see what the next course of action was. Since it was cancerous and the tumor was a three to four on the tumor grade scale, she would have to do chemotherapy and radiation (chemo in pill form and a month of radiation at a facility).

From the beginning, I have been living with my sister to help during her recovery after surgery and now her recovery with radiation. My sister has always been my best friend and I knew that being there for her, my nephews, and my brother-in-law was so much more important than anything else going on in my life, but I  am grateful for my followers as well so I wanted to be honest and share with you.

I have a post I’ve been working on, I’m not sure when exactly I will post it, within the next week hopefully, but I will be back soon.

Thank you for your patience :)