Friday Favorites

Happy Happy Friday nerd and nerdettes! Mother’s Day weekend has fastly approaches and I am rushing to get my shopping done for Mother’s Day brunch with my mom and lovely sister. Besides spending this day with my mom and sister, I am in charge of providing deserts :)! So I must shop for a gift for madre and grab ingredients from the market to make yummy cupcakes.

In the meantime, it’s also another Friday which means…
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A Tour of My Vanity

It’s a hot and sunny Sunday here in Maryland! The fiance and I are half way through our awesome three day weekend of gaming, relaxing and for me, blogging! As I had mentioned in my previous post, I turned our spare bedroom into what my fiance has dubbed “The Fortress of Makeuptude” (Superman reference for any confused readers). I had waited for the day to have my own space where I could have room to store all my awesome makeup and not have it overcrowd our bedroom, so when I say I was super duper excited, it is an understatement!

I’ve had my beauty space now for about a few months and I loooooooove it! I still need a few more home decor pieces but I like the way my vanity has turned out. I wanted to share with you guys my “workspace”, beware though! This post will be picture heavy to say the least!


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My Summer Loves

First off, how the hell are ya guys?! I know it’s been the better part of a century since I’ve posted! Okay so it hasn’t quite been that long, but I could feel that little blogger in me¬†screaming “Post something,¬†ANYTHING!” So here I am alive and mostly kickin’! I guess I should update everyone on my whereabouts and what the hell I’ve been doing with myself.
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LUSH Skin Regimen Review


I’ve searched high and low for years looking for the best skin care products for my very difficult and complex skin. I have very dry combination skin that has been treated by everything (Proactiv, SkinID, Murad, drugstore brands, etc.) with no improvement :(. I decided to try my luck with LUSH and I can’t believe how much better my skin is! I wasn’t planning a review this soon, but after a week of these products my skin has showed more improvement than the years of trial and error with the other brands.

LUSH Ocean Salt Face Scrub


9.5/10– This life changing product isn’t just a scrub, it also doubles as my cleanser. Ocean Salt contains antibacterial lime and vodka to cleanse skin without using harsh synthetic chemicals, and with extra virgin coconut oil and avocado butter it hydrates my very dry areas. Plus, with fine and coarse sea salt added it gives an invigorating scrub that leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth :).

My only gripe is the price, for $19.95 you get the 4.2 ounce (small) pot, or for $34.95 you get 8.8 ounce (large) pot. This scrub is so wonderful though the price will not keep me from purchasing it again. Plus, a little scrub goes a very long way! I use a nickel sized amount and that’s enough for my face and neck.

LUSH BB Seaweed Fresh Mask


10/10– Normally masks dry my skin out leaving my face tight, or has very temporary benefits. BB Seaweed is so gentle I use it every morning! With finely ground almonds this mask works as a gentle scrub, and contains extra virgin olive oil for supple, soft skin. After using this mask for a week all my dry patches were gone, and my skin tone was more even. Did I mention it left my skin baby soft? Love this mask!

LUSH Breath Of Fresh Air Toner


9/10– This toner has been quite the miracle worker. Breath Of Fresh Air Toner contains seaweed extract, rose absolute, and aloe vera to repair damaged skin and balance skin tone. I got a mild sunburn on my face over the weekend, and this toner has been quite soothing! I love that its alcohol-free so it doesn’t dry out my skin it just hydrates and prepares me for…

LUSH Vanishing Cream


10/10– Oh my god this is the Holy Grail of moisturizers! I am always hesitant of facial moisturizers because they’re either too greasy (yuck!), or don’t do shit. I apply Vanishing Cream immediately after my toner and automatically my skin feels phenomenal. This moisturizer contains witch hazel which shrinks my pores (I’ve got some seriously large pores) almost to the point of invisibility and helps get rid of any blemishes. With added grape seed oil it leaves my skin so smooth and soft I literally have to refrain from touching my face.

Even though this moisturizer is priced at $39.95 for a 1.5 ounce pot I will most definitely be purchasing this again! On the plus side, a small dip on the end of your finger is enough to moisturize your entire face and neck so this pot will last for months.

I recommend these products for anyone with very dry combination or oily/combination skin.


A Lush Life Part Deux

Oh man do I love LUSH! I went to get a few bath bombs and treat myself, but the always amazing people at LUSH convince me to try new things and a girl just can’t say no. I ended up spending $100 there, but I have to keep telling myself “It’s your birthday.” On the plus side I am stocked for a few months on skin care so it was well worth it.


Here’s what I got…

1. Rose Jam Bubbleroon (quite possibly the greatest scent ever!)

2. Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb

3. Sex Bomb Bath Bomb (of course, and what my boyfriend calls the store cause he can’t remember the name haha)

4. Vanishing Cream Facial Moisturizer (this is where it got expensive at $39.95 for a 1.5 ounce jar yipes!)


5. Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub


6. BB Seaweed Face Mask


7. Custom Colour Supplement (Jackie Oats + Light Yellow)


The wonderful Becky at LUSH made a custom color sample jar for me to take home and try. If your curious as to what their Colour Supplements are, they’re an alternative to foundation. These can also double as a concealer :).

8. Breath Of Fresh Air Skin Toner



Raw Honey & Lemon Mask

I can’t explain enough the benefits of honey. It is great as a table sugar alternative, I add it to my tea every morning. More importantly, its a great all natural beauty remedy. When I speak about honey though I’m not talking about the little cute bear bottle, but raw honey.


This stuff is uh-mazing! I started using raw honey a month ago with my everyday skin care regimen and it has already gave me soft, glowing skin. Also, this can be used as an overnight spot treatment, and I promise you the zit/blemish will be a lot smaller if not gone.

When added with real lemon juice it also acts as a natural dark spot/acne scar lightener. You won’t see results overnight, but with patience you will notice results :). Here’s a great mask recipe for those with oily or acne prone skin.

Raw Honey & Lemon Mask

1/2 lemon

1 1/2 tablespoons of raw honey


1. Juice the lemon half and remove ALL seeds.

2. Add raw honey to lemon juice and mix until its a cough syrup consistency.

3. Since this mask is messy, drape a towel around your neck to catch any mask.

4. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes then rinse with cold water (closes your pores). Pat dry then apply moisturizer.

**Do Not exfoliate before using this mask! It will sting like a son of a bitch if you do.***

I recommend using this mask no more than two or three times a week :).


Asprin Mask

This beauty remedy has been around for quite awhile, and has been a tried and true method for acne prone skin. I don’t get whiteheads on my face like ever, instead I get those big painful cysts that feel like another head growing off your face! This mask, in my opinion works wonders, since asprin is an anti-inflammatory it reduces the redness of those nasty pimples and doubles as a good scrub. I’ve found many different versions of this asprin mask, but this in my opinion seems to be the most effective for my skin, and a money saving beauty treatment for anybody’s budget.

I cannot stress enough, if you are allergic to asprin DO NOT use this mask.

The World Famous Asprin Mask



5 to 8 uncoated asprin tablets (Advil, Tylenol, Motrin will not work so don’t subsitute.)

A few drops of water, enough to make a paste with the asprin

A dollop of honey


Add water to asprin and wait for asprin to dissolve. You don’t need to crush asprin since they dissolve very fast. Add honey and stir into mask.

Apply mask to face and leave on for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes use,mask as a scrub, then rinse.

Super easy and cheap!

Have you ever tried this mask, or do you have a different recipe for this mask? Leave a comment!