He Popped the Question!


And I said “Yes!” :)

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Nerds!


Cupcakes In A Jar?

I’m a novice when it comes to cooking and baking, but I always enjoy both cause it gives me a chance to be creative in another way. Cupcakes are by far one of the funnest baking projects for me, there’s endless ideas, and their so stinking adorable! Like any other craft lover I spend most of my phone’s battery power on Pinterest, and came across this cute gift idea from oh! cupcakes for yummy cupcakes in a jar.

I just started a few months ago at my new job and all the ladies I work with are beyond amazing to work with so I wanted to give them all a holiday treat for being so welcoming to me (plus I got to bake and craft hehe). I decided to go with a red velvet cupcake and a homemade uh-mazing cream cheese frosting for these jars and they came out quite awesome and adorable :)


I used a box cake cause my budget was a bit tight, but they still taste amazing especially with a boatload of very cream cheesy cream cheese frosting!

I hope the ladies enjoy!

Happy Monday!


Too Faced Mystery Grab Bag

If you’re schedule has been anything like mine lately then you know Christmas shopping can be very stressful. I love shopping but after a fifty hour work week and a busy home life, at the end of the day I have become fast friends with my bed hehe. When Cyber Monday came around I had the luxury of being able to get some Christmas shopping done while I work :). I tried to make a conscious effort to keep any shopping I do until Christmas is over for friends and family only, but I just couldn’t resist! Too Faced Cosmetics had an early Cyber Monday deal for a mystery grab bag for only $19 but with a value of $100!

I was beyond ecstatic but a bit skeptic it might just be a bunch 7of samples, but for $19 it was a skepticism that quickly passed. I anxiously awaited for it to arrive, and yesterday it came and before I could get in the door I was already tearing the box open. Let me just say, the items that I received in this grab bag were beyond my expectations and I was so happy! I received five (that’s right five!) full sized products in my grab bag for only $19!

All products


Eyeshadow Duo 2

Eyeshadow Duo in Sexpresso & Peach Fuzz

Foiled Liner in Black Beauty

Foiled Liner in Black Beauty

LashLight Mascara in Black Vinyl

LashLight Mascara in Black Vinyl

I was perplexed when I saw this product because I assumed it was a sparkly mascara but when I looked at the box I noticed it did this…

Holy guacamole this baby lights up!

Holy guacamole this baby lights up!

Glamour Glosss and Lip Luxury box

Glamour Gloss in Dare Me & Lip Of Luxury in Centerfold

Dare Me & Centerfold

Dare Me & Centerfold

Lip Of Luxury in Centerfold

Lip Of Luxury in Centerfold


Did you get your hands on one of these amazing grab bags? I can’t wait to see what others received!



It’s Party Time!

Since Halloween is this Wednesday all the festivities will be taking place this weekend. I am honestly not a big costume or dress-up kinda gal when it cones to this holiday, but since Tim is a giddy little school girl for Halloween I promised I’d do something :). Since its last minute and I’m without costume for tonight, what better than some bad ass makeup?!

I have always envied the ladies who can perfect the sugar skull makeup, and decided to give it a try :). I’ll admit I was nervous, but once I dove in I had fun doing this look and it was surprisingly easy. So since my trial run went swimmingly I am definitely posting the result for you lovely nerds!


It needs to be tweaked a little but I love this look! It’s scary and adorable (according to Tim lol) so I know he loves it.

I’m more than curious to hear your thoughts!

Happy Halloween Weekend Nerds!


L’ORÉAL Evercreme Cleansing Conditioner Review

Since I’ve been on hiatus I came across some uh-mazing products and this one definitely falls under the category and then some!


L’ORÉAL Evercreme Cleansing Conditioner skips the step of shampoo by giving you a low lather conditioner that cleanses without stripping your hair, and moisturizes like a deep conditioner. Let me just say, I’ve purchased so many shampoo and conditioners from drugstore brands to high end salon brands and have always had the same results; frizzy, dry hair. The only way I walked out of the shower with soft and manageable hair was if I used a ridiculous amount of conditioner, and even then my hair still had the consistency of straw.

When I came across this product the cynic in me rolled her eyes, but being a glutton for punishment (of my wallet hehe) I decided to give it a try. Hallelujah! The savior to my hair had arrived! Not only was my hair super soft, it only cost me $6! I can shelve all my failed purchases thanks to this miracle in a bottle :)

Although this product has saved my hair, there were a couple of drawbacks (nothing to keep me from purchasing this in the future). My one gripe is…the pump. I will admit you really don’t need a lot of product to get a your hair saturated, but you do have to work that pump just to get a decent amount out. Maybe a traditional pop open top would be better for this bottle.

Here’s the rundown…


10/10 This product literally saved my hair! Not only that, I skipped a step in the shower so I’m saving time as well :). This conditioner also has a very strong vanilla-y fragrance that I love and lingers till the next wash.


7.5/10 The pump sucks! I’ll still be stocking up on this stuff but I will be optimistic and hope they get rid of this pump :). It takes atleast ten pumps just to get a quarter size amount!


10/10 At $6 a bottle you can’t beat the price! Considering the hundreds, maybe even thousands spent on shampoos and conditioners that just end up getting tossed I am very very very pleased with the price :).

Like I said I love this one step hair system! It has made my hectic schedule just a little less hectic, and has completely saved my hair. If you have the same issue with your hair as me (long, fine, frizzy, straight hair) give this a whirl :).

Happy Hump Day Nerds!


I’m Back Baby!

I’ve missed you guys! As silly as it may sound, I felt like a part of me was missing. Now that I’m back I’ve got so much awesome stuff coming your way :). More importantly, I am excited to announce I started a new job as a teacher.

It’s a completely new scene for me but since I started I love the school I’m at, and the children are so amazing. I can officially say I love my job :).

Stay tuned nerds!

Brief Hiatus

Hello lovely nerds!

These past couple weeks have been very very stressful and surreal. My boyfriend lost one of his best friends this past week and its been very somber in our home. His friend was a great man, I was lucky enough to have known him the couple years since I was introduced to his childhood friends, so I can only imagine the pain and loss Tim is going through. So, for now I will be taking a brief hiatus to be there for my boyfriend as well as move on myself.

Thank you for understanding.