Pictured above: Batman

I’ve been in love with makeup since I could hold an eye shadow brush. I am not a licensed MUA (makeup artist) but I do have a lot of experience through tutorials I’ve found online and just natural creativity. I chose my blog to be called themakeupnerd because I am very passionate about beauty and experimenting with new trends and lots of color! After all doesn’t being as nerd mean that you’re passionate about something?

My version of a smile.

When I started this blog my original plan was to bring my fellow makeup nerd/junkie/addict unbiased reviews of all kinds of beauty and makeup products, but I’ll admit I slacked off (forgive me!). I decided instead of being a strictly beauty & makeup blog, I will also show you guys my craft projects and yummy treats I’ve baked too! Enjoy :)

Name: Amanda or Mandee.

Location: My own world but my body resides in Baltimore, Maryland with my boyfriend of 4 years. *UPDATE* My boyfriend became my fiance on Christmas of 2012! We’re now in the process of planning our upcoming wedding :).

Me & the Mr.


Hobbies/Interests: Makeup of course! I am a bit of a Star Wars nerd, obsessed with all things Hello Kitty, I like to read comic books, horror movies, drawing or sketching, reading, baking/cooking, crafting, and spending time with my two adorable nephews. I have more but this is what takes up the majority of my time.

There ya have it folks! I hope my blog can help or at the very most entertain…Enjoy! Peace Love & Color.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. First, you’re adorable! So pretty! Second, I love sensational movies and books, too!! (I’m an avid fan of detective fiction (like Castle and Sherlock Holmes), fantasy (Once Upon a Time and Star Trek) and some horror stuff! Fun!

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