Pic Tutorial – Too Faced Chocolate Bar

If you’re looking for a gorgeous warm toned neutral look, your search is over! I love this look by The Makeup Honey using Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar Palette.

The Makeup Honey


Hi Guys!!

I hope you guys like this pic tutorial! My latest video is a Makeup Tour and its in Norwegian so i taught it would just be stupid sharing it here, so then i taught a pic tutorial would be fun!

Today im using Too Faced Chocolate Bar, its beautiful and it smells amazing, and under you can se the colors ive used, where and with numbers so its easy to know what goes where!

Too FacedDSC04539

So to start with White ChocolateĀ all over the lid, from top to toe.
This just so we have a base to blend the other colors on and we also get that brow bone highlight!


To get some color to the crease and to use as a transulant color I put Salted Caramel in the crease and blend it upwards to my brows.


The next thing we do is to put Semi Sweet in theā€¦

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