It’s Party Time!

Since Halloween is this Wednesday all the festivities will be taking place this weekend. I am honestly not a big costume or dress-up kinda gal when it cones to this holiday, but since Tim is a giddy little school girl for Halloween I promised I’d do something :). Since its last minute and I’m without costume for tonight, what better than some bad ass makeup?!

I have always envied the ladies who can perfect the sugar skull makeup, and decided to give it a try :). I’ll admit I was nervous, but once I dove in I had fun doing this look and it was surprisingly easy. So since my trial run went swimmingly I am definitely posting the result for you lovely nerds!


It needs to be tweaked a little but I love this look! It’s scary and adorable (according to Tim lol) so I know he loves it.

I’m more than curious to hear your thoughts!

Happy Halloween Weekend Nerds!



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