More Birthday Shopping

First off, let me say thank you to all the lovely nerds who wished me a Happy Birthday. I am so grateful for each and everyone of you who take time out of their day to read my blog :). I didn’t end up going to the casino as originally planned, by the time I was done shopping I was exhausted so Tim just took me out for a nice dinner instead.

I stopped by ULTA after my stressful doctor’s appointment for some retail therapy and picked up a few things I’ve been eyeing for a bit now. I wanted to pick-up the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette but both Naked palettes were sold out! I knew I’d be stopping by the NYX section since it was BOGO 50% Off, and to my surprise they had a lot of stuff in stock (yay!).


1. Sally Hansen Nail File

2. Seche Vite Top Coat

3. Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Pink Forever (a dead on dupe of OPI Minnie Mouse Collection’s If You Moust You Moust) & Shocking Pink

4. NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Natural & Glow

Don’t let the Glow shade fool you, its not that shade once blended. I was worried it’d be too hot pink (clown cheeks oh no!) but I saw swatches of this blush and its the right amount of pink to create a nice flushed cheek effect.



Blended (with flash)


Blended (without flash)

With these blushes, very little goes a long way!

5. Basically U Super Blender Elliptical Sponge

6. Benefit “They’re Real!” Mascara (review coming soon!)

7. NYX Butt Naked Palette


After discovering ULTA was sold out of the Naked palettes I was sad for a minute till I found this similar but cheaper NYX palette! It has fifteen neutral eyeshadows, four blushes, and one bronzer, plus two illuminators. Did I swatch? Of course I did!








Today is my last day of relaxation before I have to go back to the real world haha, so I’m watching the Star Wars trilogy with some much needed Starbucks and building a soon to be revealed craft project :).

Happy Hump Day!



4 thoughts on “More Birthday Shopping

  1. That palette is really nice, then again I’m a sucker for neutral palettes. You should invest in a glass/crystal nail file, they’re AMAZING. I won’t use a cardboard file anymore and it makes me wince when my nail person uses them (but I rarely go to her anymore). They’re like $7 at most on ebay and last forever, you just wash it and its good as new. I bought 2 like a year ago and they’re still going on strong. It’s supposed to be better and less abrasive on nails. Just don’t get the crap Revlon one, its a fake and the sandy grit part comes off when filing, the glass/crystal are actually etched. Haha look at me go on and on about it… I just know that you’ll love it when you get one. Anyways, great bday haul, its a shame about the naked palettes but I guess its just building up more anticipation? :-)

    • I’ll have to check that out! I hate filing my nails it sends chills up my spine like nails on a chalkboard or something. There will be a day when I own a Naked palette! Just not anytime soon haha.

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