C’est La Vie

What would the days leading up to my 25th birthday be without some drama? This week has been rather stressful which has caused my face to breakout (not the end of the world but still!) so I’ve been stepping up my skin regiment before the weekend.I pulled a muscle at the gym so I am out of commision for a few days. My adorable top I ordered came today, but unfortunately they sent me the wrong size so I had to go out to find another cute top!


I figured is wear this with my cute 3/4 sleeve blazer :)

I also got bracelets to go with the outfit that were on sale…


These were originally $15 each but I got them for $0.59! This week has been disasterous but with the weekend starting early for us I’ll be relaxing with my boyfriend till Sunday :).

Happy Hump Day Nerds!



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