Nail Wheels Galore

I finally was better enough that I could get myself out of the empty Gatorade bottle fort I had made while I was sick haha. I ventured my way to Sally Beauty for some new nail polishes but I was quickly sidetracked (as always) and found just what my growing nail polish collection needed! Nail polish color wheels! Being the organized freak of nature I am (and proud of it!) I was beyond excited.


I’ve been hardcore searching for these bad boys at local beauty supply stores and kept coming up empty handed. I was resorting to eBay, which I wouldn’t have an issue with ($.99 for one wheel plus free shipping)  except it takes a couple weeks and I’m impatient, plus this has 10 wheels for $5!

I can’t wait to get painting :).



2 thoughts on “Nail Wheels Galore

  1. You will have so much fun painting your wheels. I call them the wheels of gorgeousness! Ok, maybe I need to get a life, but I did have fun making my wheels!
    Xoxo– Judi

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