Getting My Booty In Shape

It’s no secret I’m trying to live a healthier lifestyle. With my 25th birthday looming I keep reflecting on where I thought I’d be in life and where I’m actually at. The main aspect I thought would have changed by now is my weight. I’ve been overweight for quite sometime now and as the saying goes “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Granted I’m not sick but I’m a diabetic with hypothyroidism and I take enough medications to put a pharmacist to shame.

Since those two factors have been prevalent in my life I’ve managed to get my shit together (more or less) and learn proper eating. I’m not invincible and my bad lifestyle caught up with me and now I have to change, for myself and for those who love and care for me. Another thing I need to work on is exercise, I workout sometimes but I know I can do more, especially with the 6k coming up in October.

I digress, so as an early birthday present to myself I joined a gym :). I am super duper excited I did this for myself, and anxious at starting a new life as a healthier person. The even better part is my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend (got it?) goes to the same gym so I have a workout buddy :).



2 thoughts on “Getting My Booty In Shape

  1. My best friend recently got engaged and her mom was remarried a year or two ago and bought an amazing dress. Well, we all knew she would wear her mother’s dress when her time came but when she tried it on the back panel (its a corset back) didn’t cover her all the way and she’s determined to lose the weight to fit in the dress. Long story short, she’s doing AMAZING on weight watchers and constant light exercise like evening walks. But I also know that something simple like cereal for breakfast and salad for lunch works well. And you can mix it up, like different salads (cobb, fruit/feta/nuts, garden). Good luck! I know you can do it with you mind set on it! :-) Oh and if you look on pinterest, they have super cool motivational bead jars for weight loss, like one glass bead for every pound or something along those lines so you can actually see and track your weight loss in a fun way!

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