Day Twenty: Do You Wear Makeup Everyday?

Absolutely not. Don’t get me wrong guys, if you do respect lol but I have my “fuck it” days where I’ve got too much to do and I don’t have time to put on makeup, or I honestly just don’t want to (those are my blah days). I love all aspects of makeup; creating new looks for myself, doing my friend’s makeup, practicing new techniques but I also try to give my skin a rest so it can be healthy as well. Back in high school and my teens I always, always, always (too much? lol) wore makeup and my skin hated me for it, I learned the hard way you don’t always have to have full face to look your best!

Now that summer is here and its hot and humid as all get out I definitely keep the makeup minimal with tinted moisturizer, some bronzer, mascara and an SPF lip balm. My skin gets so oily this time of year if I add foundation I will have some zits and blemishes within a day :(.

Do you wear makeup everyday? Leave a comment!



5 thoughts on “Day Twenty: Do You Wear Makeup Everyday?

  1. I usually pass on foundation if I don’t feel like it or don’t have time. I especially pass now that it’s so hot. I’m a liner and mascara fiend though lol

  2. I used to do really minimal makeup too but ever since I started my blog, I can’t help it anymore. I always want to try new ways of doing things or incorporating color or even just using up product. Hahaha. I’m opposite. But I’ll usually skip makeup on Sundays, that’s really my lazy day.

  3. For work I do mascara, blush and some lip gloss. That is my bare minimum. If I have a bit of extra time, I will do a cream shadow/paint pot with some eye liner and maybe some face powder.

    The only time I don’t wear any makeup at all is if I am staying home all day…then only my poor husband has to see me like that. lol

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