Endless Sea Vs. Tenacious Teal


I was requested to review  L’Oreal’s Infinite Eyeshadow in Endless Sea and Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Tenacious Teal after my post 24 Hours Of Colorful Madness cause they appeared to be quite similar, but these eyeshadows are anything but.



Top (without flash), Bottom (with flash)

In the pots these eyeshadows look almost identical, but once swatched they are very different shades. Endless Sea has a lot more turquoise and gold shimmer whereas Tenacious Teal is more of a true blue with equal amount of blue and silver shimmer.


I applied both without any primer or base)

L’Oreal Infinite Eyeshadow




This version of 24 hour eyeshadow is where, in my opinion, blows Maybelline’s version out of the water. This eyeshadow is a wet powder that with your finger or brush applies effortlessly and did not budge during the entire time I had it on, even without a primer :).

Maybelline Color Tattoo




Without a primer this eyeshadow barely lasted. I only kept it on after five hours cause it started creasing pretty bad :(. This is a cream eyeshadow so it was more difficult to apply for me and needed to be built up a lot with my brush to get even coverage. I would probably only ever use this color as an eyeliner.


4 thoughts on “Endless Sea Vs. Tenacious Teal

  1. Thanks for the review! They are both gorgeous! It’s too bad about the staying power of Maybelline’s. I’m totally going to pick up L’oreal’s eyeshadows!

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