May Favorites

I know its already a week into June but last month was a month of many, many favorites! Not only did I come across some great beauty products but some other great finds as well :).

1. Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso


I had originally bought this as a Nars Orgasm dupe and this quickly became my go to blush since I’ve had it in my collection :). If you’re thinking of buying this blush you should! It’s amazing, and only $7!

2. Lolita Lempicka Eau De Parfum


I’m officially obsessed with this fragrance! I tested it on a shopping trip one day and hours later I was addicted to the smell :). The icing on the cake? The 3.4 ounce bottle  I purchased on Amazon was $35!

3. Homemade Greek Yogurt Pops


I really am trying to eat better guys and its no picnic lol. I’m actually trying to become vegetarian cause I’m just tired of eating meat, I always feel bad emotionally and physically so I know its what’s best for my body. With that said I also have a horrible sweet tooth so when I decided no more ice cream I knew I needed an alternative to make this stick, enter greek yogurt pops my savior! :)

4. NYX Box Of Eye Shadows Palette


This 112 eyeshadow palette has been quite busy since its made its way into my collection, especially with this makeup challenge! The majority of these shades are amazingly vibrant even without a base. I can never get sick of NYX products :).

5. Cherry Culture Watermelon Lip Balm


This lip balm smells so yummy and fruity it instantly reminds me of summer :). It leaves my lips so soft and moisturized I usually just take the cap off for a quick fruity pick me up lol.

What are some of your May favorites? Leave a comment!



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