Yummy Greek Yogurt Pops


I’ve been cutting back on junk lately, but I always get a serious sweet tooth for ice cream once the warm weather starts. It took me a few attempts to come around to greek yogurt (the consistency and taste was just odd) before I was adding it as a daily snack to my diet. Sadly it wasn’t a cure for my sweet tooth, until I found a great and easy recipe for greek yogurt pops. These treats are uh-mazing!

I altered the recipe a bit cause my popsicle maker is quite smaller than this recipe is intended for, and I didn’t have fresh fruit in my house (I normally do!) so I used a snack size flavored greek yogurt.

Blood Orange Greek Yogurt Pops


6 oz. Chobani Greek Yogurt in Blood Orange

1/8 cup of raw honey

Mandarin oranges snack cup; drained of juice

Popsicles mold


1. Mix yogurt, and honey in a bowl till honey is completely dissolved into mixture.

2. Chop up mandarin Orange slices and fold into mixture.

3. Divide mixture into popsicles molds evenly then toss in the freezer! They should be completely frozen within 3 to 4 hours :)


Ignore my much needed manicure :)

Coming from an ice cream lover these pops are so yummy it will satisfy any sweet tooth!



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