24 Hours Of Colorful Madness

Okay, so I went a little crazy today when I stopped by Walgreens. I’ve desperately been seeking for the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows for quite sometime now but every time I go they’re out of all the colors I don’t have. Well today I promised myself I was going on  a tight budget for the next couple of weeks till rent/bills were covered. So of course when I stopped by Walgreens this morning, guess what was in stock and BOGO 50%?!



I also had a few $1 off coupons for any Maybelline product so after the discount plus coupon (yay me!) it was $13! Considering these babies are normally $7 each I was so happy to have saved 8 smackers :). Unfortunately, my wallet and brain were not in sync today so I bought more. Since I heard great things about these tiny treasures I had to pick these up as well.


L’Oreal also had a BOGO 50% off (its like they now I am broke but also weak for beauty products lol) so I got these Infallible 24 Hour Eyeshadows as well.



L to R; Pomegrante Punk, Tough As Taupe, Fierce And Tangy, Edgy Emerald, Tenacious Teal, and Painted Purple

I also swatched the couple I already owned :)


L to R; Midnight Blue, Liquid Diamond, Perpetual Purple, and Endless Sea

I will say the major difference between these two brands is the Maybelline is a cream/gel texture, but the L’Oreal is a dense wet powder (if that makes sense lol).

Can’t wait to try these out!

Have you tried either brands 24 Hour Eyeshadow? Did you like it? Leave a comment!



10 thoughts on “24 Hours Of Colorful Madness

  1. I, too bought these, on sale, of course! I think I paid $1.84 each. But the ony ones I liked are tough as taupe and the bronze one. Beings my eyes are blue, I had to keep the bronze one. The others are in the bin for donation. I did not care for them. I was really disappointed in the white, I thought it would make a great base, but it is was too sparkly for that. But that was my experience, I’m sure you will have better luck with them. I bought 1 infallible but haven’t tried it yet. Thanks for sharing. — judi

  2. The pigments look so gorgeous, what beautiful colours! I have yet to try to Loreal product yet. I’m looking forward to what you think of them compared to the cream shadows by Maybelline – you will have review them!

    PS. I also can’t decide if I like the emerald or teal better from the Color Tattoo line – what do you think?!?!

      • Good to know, I was leaning towards the emerald one anyways. I think I will get more use out of it. I think it would look gorgeous with the purple. Those might be the two I grab next time I see them on sale.

  3. I really want to know which one you prefer! I’ve been debating on picking up the Loreal shadows for months but I always see the color tattoo ones too and I know they’re pretty similar. P.S. I love your swatches, I’m a sucker for photos.

  4. Omg now I have to spend money too lol. I just seen a review on the color tattoos and I just can’t resist them any longer. I also read a lot of good reviews on the Loreal shadows and those swatches look like gold!

  5. Tenacious Teal & Endless Sea look similar from the photo, could you do a side by side comparison in terms of color similarity, individual color payoff, and staying power? THanks!

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