Make Cupcakes Not War!

So with maybe 4 hours of sleep and my kitchen looking like a tornado of baking supplies wrecked havoc, I have finally finished the cupcakes I made for Tim and for the Mother’s Day get together at my sister’s house! I’m very negative when it comes to my baked goodies since its only been a couple years that I’ve been baking so to me their “eh.” but my boyfriend swears their awesome so as long as he loves them, I did good. Now with a couple hours left in the morning to relax, I’m napping before I have to get ready lol.

Before I go, here’s the cupcakes..


Yellow cake, dark chocolate ganache and cream filled cupcakes.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there!



5 thoughts on “Make Cupcakes Not War!

  1. I love baking. I think the way you feel about your cupcakes is the way I feel about my makeup. But as with everything, its all about practice. They do look really yummy!!!

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