Getting Out Of My Fashion Comfort Zone

I know I’m not the first woman in the world to have insecurities about her body. I will confess when it comes to fashion I am very simple, I always wear jeans a cute t-shirt and flip flops. Since I’ve lost 60 pounds my self confidence has slowly but surely been coming back. Lately I’ve been trying to do things outside of my comfort zone, mainly fashion and makeup.

I’ve worn a bold red lipstick and to my surprise I love it, I can’t believe I’m just now wearing this classic trend. I’ve worn skirts when ever since I was a kid hated to wear, but I’m growing into my feminine side I guess lol.  This is why I’m starting to really be grateful my mom occasionally buys clothes for me that I normally wouldn’t wear.

She picked up this cardigan for me that isn’t normally my style, but I actually love it!


It’s too pretty! I love the flowers, and believe it or not this is my first cardigan lol. I can’t wait to wear this, which will most likely be Mother’s Day with a cute skirt.

Now if only I could learn to walk in heels :)



3 thoughts on “Getting Out Of My Fashion Comfort Zone

  1. That is a really cute cardi!
    I love that you could go all cute with it or rough it up by wearing it with a t-shirt, black leather pants and some amazing wedges.
    Enjoy! And keep on pushing the boundries. :)

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