My Favorite Things Friday Is Back!

Okay I know it’s been awhile since I’ve done a “My Favorite Things” post, mainly I’ve been a busy bee with my giveaway, getting all these reviews ready to post, setting up my Facebook page (notice how I included a link? Check it out!) and whole bunch more.

Let’s get it started…(Black Eyed Peas song playing in my head lol)

1. My Hello Kitty laptop sleeve

I adore/love/eat/sleep/breathe/obsess Hello Kitty (I know it’s obvious by now lol) so when I saw this sleeve at Best Buy I obviously bought it. Just when I thought this couldn’t be any cuter then I saw this…

I squeaked, literally. It was so friggin’ cute I lost my mind and squeaked cause apparently I couldn’t express with words how adorable this was haha.

2. e.l.f. Kabuki Brush

This brush is one of the softest brushes I’ve ever owned. I can’t say enough great thing about the e.l.f. Studio line of brushes, but to me the best one is the kabuki brush. The bristles are uh-mazingly soft and the brush is very dense, on top of that since I’ve had this brush and washed it like three times, I’ve had absolutely no fall out. None. If you don’t own this brush, please pick it up! You won’t regret it :) &

I will freely admit I am not too good with bargain shopping! I hate clipping coupons, and I get quickly annoyed by searching for the best deals. However, I stumbled across both these sites by chance and thought “It’s probably cheap cause it’s all old and expired makeup.” I was so happy when I was proven wrong. Hautelook is more the designer clothes, home furnishings, occasional beauty product discount site. My first purchase from them was what ended up being the giveaway item that’s up for grabs now (Go here if you still haven’t checked out the giveaway and shame on you lol). Cherry Culture is strictly beauty products, mostly makeup. I purchase a lot of NYX stuff from them cause it’s usually on sale! Both sites are awesome and you do get quite the savings…check them out!

4. This favorite thing is by far my kryptonite/obsession/sucked my wallet dry item, in fact this is a favorite thing of all time item. I’m sure you’re in suspense as to what it might be that I can’t get enough of (although according to my boyfriend and my logical self, I really should stop buying) so here it is…


I have purchased SIX eyeshadow palettes in the past couple months, this is not including all the single shadows and other shadows I’ve purchased either. I love eyeshadow! To me it’s one of the funnest parts of makeup, you can create so much with eyeshadow! Plus if I see a palette with rainbow colored shadow I’m no good, I love colors! I can’t even list all the shadows I have cause you might fall asleep or be disgusted, either way it’s bad. I’d like to promise I’ll stop for a while but I’m an eyeshadow junkie. I guarantee by tonight I’ll have purchased at least one eyeshadow.


After publishing I bought yet another eyeshadow palette. I picked up this NYX Box Of Shadows at Cherry Culture for 40% off.

So I told ya not only did I purchase a single shadow, but I bought 112 shadows! I wonder if there’s a beauty rehab?

Are any of my favorite things on your list?Leave a comment!

Happy Friday Nerds!



7 thoughts on “My Favorite Things Friday Is Back!

  1. Oh my goodness, Hello Kitty zippers!!!! Ahh that laptop sleeve is so cute!
    I’ve heard so many good things about the Elf kabuki brush and for some reason I still haven’t gotten one yet. I have trouble sticking to my shopping list, I get distracted by pretty colors hahaha.

    • I’ve heard good & bad reviews on the Box of Shadows so hopefully it’ll be awesome like most of NYX’s products. It’s hard not to love Hello Kitty, she’s too adorable! :)

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