Mother’s Day Giveaway! *CLOSED*

My last giveaway was celebrating my 50 followers milestone. This giveaway is for two reasons, I bought this item originally for myself but was so preoccupied with another purchase this is just gonna sit and I adore my followers so much this is just for the hell of it in celebrating Mother’s Day. So I guess you’re wondering what item is up for winning?

Here it is…


That’s right my lovely nerds, the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV is up for grabs! This awesome palette comes with 16 shadows, a travel size primer potion, full size 24/7 waterproof liquid black liner, travel size Supercurl curling mascara, and the cutest thing ever, a tiny portable speaker keychain!

Giveaway Rules & Fine Print

1. Obviously reblog this giveaway anywhere possible (your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and let me know in a comment where you did with link

2. Answer this Mother’s Day themed question:
What’s the best memory you have spending with your mom?

3. Submit your reblog and comment by May 12th at 11:59 PM EST. I will announce the winner on Mother’s Day (May 13th) at midnight!

Enjoy Nerds!



39 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Giveaway! *CLOSED*

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    This is a very awesome giveaway being done by one of my fav bloggers! Be sure to check it out and while you’re at it, subscribe! :D

  2. Reblogged this post here:
    My favorite memor(ies) with my mom are the ones where we used to stay up super super late on the weekends, making home made popcorn and trying out all kinds of different ways to flavor it, and watching all kinds of different movies. Westerns, romances, scary movies, anything that we found on demand or that came on the tv that we felt like watching. We would talk and laugh and debate on whether or not the movie we had just watched was actually any good. Those are some of my fondest memories, because it was just me and her, and coming from a family with 4 guys and just us 2 girls, it was difficult to find time to just hang out alone together and talk.

  3. Tweeted! My best memories are of when I was a child and we would take walks to the park together and pick flowers.

  4. My best memories where when I was young and being able to spend a week out of every summer with my mom, at the lake. Fun days!

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  5. Awesome giveaway! Thanks!
    I tweeted here:

    My mother and I have taken many road trips together and they are probably some of my favorite memories with her. One of my favorites was driving from the Detroit area where she lives to the west side of Michigan and taking a car ferry over to Wisconsin and driving down through Chicago back to her house. The whole trip was about 4 days long and we had a lot of fun! Toured some wineries, breweries, museums, gardens, did some shopping and ate lots of yummy food.

    • My Mom and I used to buy these crafting kits they used to come in the mail and she and I would once every other week and just her and I do these fun crafts, this was after my siblings were born as there was a bit of an age difference, she tried to make me feel special but I certainly enjoyed that time and still today am very crafty and love crafting and arts. Great givewwary

  6. Hi, reblogged at: :)

    The best memory I have with my mom? This I could never forget. There is this one instance that I slept in their room and during our conversation she told me this: “When it’s time for you to get married, be sure you have really known the guy inside and out. And be sure that you both love each other and that he will take care of you.”
    That was one of the best things I heard from my mom and I think I will forever remember that moment. :)

  7. Reblooged on Facebook.

    The best memory with my mom would have to be just chatting with her and being able to tell her anything when I needed someone to talk to.

  8. Ηi!
    Reposted on my FB page
    Tweeted about it!/Bobby818/status/197780675296899072

    Oh, my mum is my treasure! Quite often we sit in the kitchen, and we talk about the past, her life when she was young and how she and my dad got married, and nowadays about my baby nephew which we adore, and how he grows up day by day! Although we went a lot of trips together, been in difficult situations with hospitals together, the fondest memories where inside that kitchen,talking for hours!

  9. Twitted!!/happyfishito/status/197806810466488320

    The best memory I have spending with my mom is when I was still in high school. I lived alone with her (my parents are divorced) – for some time, we baked pizza and marmelade or chocolate roll every single night and then watched some movie and just talked and spent time together. We’re both blessed with fast metabolism so that pizza and rolls didn’t show :) I really miss that because now I’m off to college and we rarely see each other.

    • All that sounds yummy. I recently moved and now I’m an hour away from my mom. It doesn’t seem far but to me we’ve always lived close so I get homesick sometimes.

      Thanks for participating :)

  10. There isn’t one particular memory. Just being a child I guess. I had an amazing childhood. We’d go and do errands when I was really young and didn’t have school, and to me it was the funnest thing ever. I miss it :(
    I tweeted it to my Twitter: @crazysnowgirl

  11. Reblogged on my blog
    and with my twitteraccount TsukinoHikari00

    best memory you have spending with your mom?

    – Well, I don’t have too many of those moments… might sound a bit weird, but I’m very happy with how it is :) Because this doesn’t necessarily mean that I have a bad relationship with her.
    I was about 7 or 8 yrs old and she took me to an amusement park. Not a big one like Disneyland or Movieworld (which is also rather small), but a really small family park. All the things in that park are fitted for small children like I was and therefore really small (but cute :).
    Anyway- my mum looked after me and brought me to all the attractions several times, this way we spent the whole day at this small amusement park. It’s by far the best memory I have with my mum. :)

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  14. Great giveaway hun! Reblogged this post on my twitter page!!/xxxbandgeekxxx Aaaaand as for my favourite memory with my mum… there’s so many to choose from. Sounds really boring but my favourite memories are just when we are hanging out just having a chat and a giggle over some tea. I think those are the best times cause you really get to spend proper time with your mum! I get so busy with work (and blogging) these days.. so its great to just take a few mins to kick back and relax with my mum! :) xx

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