Yummy Surprises For The Boyfriend’s Birthday!

It’s the first of the late Spring to Summer birthdays in my circle of friends and family, up first is my boyfriend’s big 3-0 birthday! Birthdays in my family have always been a big thing and especially when you hit those numbers (16,21,30,40,50). With Mother’s Day being on the 13th and my boyfriend’s birthday two days before my sister is throwing a duo celebration.


If you haven’t figured out by now I love baking! My boyfriend’s mom suggested I open a bakery cause my baked goods are so yummy (and my head got a little bigger haha). I always make the dessert for whatever special occasion which means I’m always planning the perfect dessert, so I asked my boyfriend what cupcakes he’d like and since he’s a simple kind of guy I got “Chocolate.” in response lol

After a little more poking, I finally got a more specific answer, “Yellow cake with chocolate frosting.” So I’m making that but little does he know im jazzing them up with a whipped chocolate ganache frosting, yellow cake with cream filling. I always get so excited when it gets closer to bake time, it is so much fun and I adore doing it!

This is my first ganache recipe attempt so I’m  a little nervous, but still just as delighted to be making these yummy treats for my family.

Wish me luck!



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