A Lush Life

I finally checked out what all the fuss was about and got my butt over to LUSH today. I must say I had the best time there and adore the staff! I was welcomed with open arms and dove hands first into a demonstration of their bubble bars. When they found out I was a LUSH virgin they took me around the store and showed me everything, and demonstrated on me their numerous massage bars, body butters, body tints, by the time I left I was a LUSH expert.

I wish I had purchased more but in the end I walked out with two bath bombs, a bubble bar, and a sample of yummy soap.

I got the Sex Bomb and Space Girl bath bombs, and the Yuzu and Cocoa bubble bar. I loooove the smell of Sex Bomb! I also got a free sample of Sexy Peel soap and it smells like a bunch of lemons which is a great pick me up smell :).

I wish I could say my experience at MAC was as wonderful. I’m definitely not a MAC virgin but considering it had been a while since I’ve purchased their foundation, for the life of me I couldn’t remember my  color number. After standing there clueless and ignored for 10 minutes a MAC employee approached me and assisted me in finding the right foundation number for my skin. He then proceeded to give me a free application and lesson, which was greatly appreciated but I felt bad since he was trying to sell me a bunch of other products I couldn’t afford at the moment. After explaining I just wanted foundation the lesson was over and he hurried up and grabbed the foundation I asked for.

I can understand his annoyance, I should have said something but before I could I was grabbed and sat in a chair. After I left I checked my makeup in my mirror and was very disappointed. Since the application was rushed the foundation was not blended well ( I could see on my nose where he didn’t finish blending) and whatever powder he used caked on my face very badly. In the end I know if I want a specific MAC product I’m better off buying online.

Oh yeah, I’m an NC15.



6 thoughts on “A Lush Life

  1. I love lush, Ive shopped there for about 6 years . You should definately try out the soaps and face masks. They are really good. Ive been also wanting to try out studio fix fluid for a while now, would it be good for oily skin do ya think? good post, I enjoyed it. :)

  2. That Mac person was a tunnel-visioned fool actually. He should have continued with a beautiful, well-done make-over and told you to come back again when you’re ready to buy more & here are some samples. Even if you weren’t buying more on the spot, you would have left feeling & looking great, made notes of what you will buy NEXT time and you would not have a negative vibe about Mac. This guy has a bad head for sales & business.
    Love lush, though haven’t gotten anything new from them in years. My first and last purchase was in London.

    • I love MAC products and will stay loyal to the brand but honestly I’m completely turned off by the in store atmosphere. I won’t bash the people who work there but he took maybe 3 mins. to do my face, and kept complaining about my skin and features while doing my makeup.

      I love LUSH love love love them lol. Such friendly people and wonderful products.

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