Products I Regret Buying

Before I tell you guys these sub par products I’ve picked up recently let me just say I always give any makeup product or tool a fair shot before I toss it. The following products may be some of your favorites or like me you’ve tried these products and see why they’ve landed on this list. So without further adieu here’s the products I regret buying.

1. NYC Cheek Glow in Sutton Place Peach

As you can see the color payoff is quite minimal. I literally applied this to my face like five times before I even saw a faint amount of color, obviously by that point it wasn’t even worth it. I have numerous blushes that only need one swipe for great pigmentation, so the fact this needed five and I still couldn’t see it? Done! Even though it was only $3 I could have bought something more useful with that money.

2. e.l.f. Contour Blush & Bronzer

I bought this because I saw on a few blogs this was a rather cheap dupe for NARS Orgasm blush. I am always willing to test it out and I will say I do really like the blush in this duo but (you know it’s serious when it’s bold) the bronzer is probably the worst I’ve ever used! First of all the color is way too dark, even though the swatch picture may beg to differ, when I applied the bronzer to my face it looked like I dipped my brush in Hershey’s Cocoa Powder.

This is NOT a bronzer!

On top of this way too dark for my complexion bronzer, it also looked so blotchy it looked like spots on my face. I thought maybe it’s my brush, but considering I was using a high end brush I highly doubt it :(. I’m still keeping this only for the blush cause it is a nice color with a good color payoff but if you are considering purchasing this duo, save yourself the trouble.

3. CoverGirl TRUblend Minerals Brush

The reason I don’t have a true to life picture of this brush is for the same reason it got tossed. I always, always, ALWAYS clean any brand new brushes before use. That’s just me it makes me feel better to know I’ve personally cleaned it. I’d like to tell you I got to test this brush out but that never happened, why you ask? After one wash with baby shampoo and water this brush completely shedded and whatever remains were left obviously weren’t going on my face! I am not rough with any brushes and I know I didn’t switch up my sulfuric acid with my baby shampoo (I don’t actually have acid but you’d think I did after what happened) so this brush was the worst offender on this list. I actually called CoverGirl for a refund because there is no excuse for this and even if the brush was only $5 I don’t play when it comes to makeup or money.

4. e.l.f. Essential Blush, Bronze and Blending Brush

For a $1 you get what you pay for and to be fair this brush is okay but my main gripe with this is the shedding. The brush is very light and the bristles feel very scarce so the fact it sheds like a dog in the summer is kind of a letdown. It doesn’t pick up color very well either so I find myself switching to the e.l.f. studio brushes to finish application. Now for what you pay its an okay brush but any higher than a $1 and it’d be ridiculous.

If you are considering purchasing these brushes I will suggest buying the e.l.f. studio line brushes instead. They are incredibly soft and they work as well as the higher end brushes and only range from $3 to $6 a brush.

Have you purchased any of these products on my list? If so, were you disappointed or happy with it? Leave a comment!

Happy Friday Nerds!



2 thoughts on “Products I Regret Buying

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, though its strange because I like the elf contouring/ blush duo a lot (its not my favourite but its still pretty good), and i like the elf blush brush.MIne doesnt shed and I find its great to use with EXTREMELY pigmentted products and helps stop me looking like a clown! :)

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