Inside My “Vanity”

I know you’re wondering about the quotes around vanity, and that’s because I don’t technically have a traditional vanity. I have a tiny apartment and an even smaller bathroom so I’ve been tryin.g to find the perfect storage for aaaallll my makeup. At first I had a huge case I thought could hold my makeup and then some but I was so wrong lol.

I actually forgot duh Mandee you are a makeup junkie and keep buying makeup like its going outta style! So next I bought an additional train case to put my brushes, and split up the overflow of makeup, but again Mandee you keep buying more stuff! So today I set out for the perfect storage and I think I found it.


My dilemma!

The cases under that train case is what I found and was a steal for $16 total (they’re bigger than they look!). So now the best part, organize! I am an organizing nerd I thoroughly enjoy, shit I love organizing anything and everything. The end result, I managed to fit every single piece of makeup and tool in those containers so I am a happy camper!

Take a look…




Foundations, primer, B.B. creams, and concealers


Blushes & Bronzers

Side note, I originally had all foundations and blushes together but the lid wouldn’t shut so I had to move a lot around, anyway moving on…


Mascaras & Eyeliners




Lip glosses & Lipsticks

So that’s my vanity!



8 thoughts on “Inside My “Vanity”

  1. I love getting to see other peoples collections :) think I’ll have to share mine once I’m moved into my new place! I store mine in a similar way, foundations together, eyeshadows together etc rather than by brand. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. One of my friends had all her makeup in a case like that. They’re pretty cheap and I love the clear to see which layer to choose from. I’m just not confident that all my stuff will fit in one like that, but I’ll have to test it out. Great organizing.

    P.S. The cabinet under the sink is full of brushes and beauty product. I always secretly hope my bf never opens it… Hahaha. Guilty pleasure. He has no idea how much stuff I actually have!

    • Lol sadly my bf has seen all my makeup. I really was worried it all wouldn’t fit so when it did I was quite relieved! Makes me wish I had considered these tires but such is life :)

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