I finally got the email from Birchbox to join! I’ve been anxiously waiting for the invite and before I could think twice I became a member. I’m quite curious after the first box if I’ll continue my subscription, I’ve heard great things and some not so stellar reviews about this beauty box company.

Until then I’ll be stalking the mail man lol.

What’s your experience been with Birchbox? Leave a comment!



8 thoughts on “Birchbox

  1. I used to be subscribed to birchbox I really liked it because you get to know a lot of products without spending too much. only one thing there were months where my boxes would really dissapoint me, but there were others were I really thanked I was subscribed. Good luck with your boxes :)

  2. How funny. I started typing out a post about my best and worst of Birchbox, I just haven’t gotten around to actually posting it yet. This gives me a new sense of urgency about it. BB is still a great way to try new things. I think its more worth it than Glambag.

  3. Just got my Birchbox email! so excited. Decided to finally get on the wait list when glambag fizzled out after the first bag. Can’t wait to see what you get!

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