Holy Guacamole!

That is the perfect way to describe the look on my face when I opened my package from Cherry Culture and saw my NYX Make-Up Artist Kit. First of all let me just say today was the best day for this package to arrive, I’ve had a very crappy day and this was the best way to put a smile on my face! So anywho, I picked up the box and this palette has to way at least 3 lbs. alone so i figured what was inside would be huge, and boy was I right.

35 shadows total.


This picture doesn’t do much justice for the actual size so I’ll just tell you each individual shadow is the size of a friggin’ quarter! If your thinking big whoop?! Let me just say eye shadows in the majority of palettes are the size of dimes (a nickle if you’re lucky!) so to say this thing is big would be quite the understatement. This palette has two levels, the eyeshadows on one, and bronzers/blushes/lip glosses on the other.

3 Bronzers, 5 Blushes, 5 Lip Glosses


These bronzers and blushes are quite large. Needless to say this palette will be keeping me quite busy for a while, the amount of possibilities with this palette is a bit overwhelming (in a good way) and exciting. It almost makes the Urban Decay Book Of Shadows IV order pointless since this will be occupying my time lol. Maybe that will be my next giveaway item? Who knows :)

Oh! I almost forgot the rest of my package, I also got two NYX nail polishes and my free Cherry Culture lip balm in Peach which smells divine.

Lavender & Hot Pink

What do YOU think of this mega palette? Leave a comment!


Happy Hump Day!




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