Maxxinista Status

I am officially a Maxxinista! I went to T.J. Maxx this weekend and bought a couple of things that I can’t stop gushing about, for one they were all 50-75% off and I get to indulge in my beauty addiction with no guilt! First off are these too adorable sunglasses that only cost me like $8.


At first they look like a simple pair of glasses but...

They're Hello Kitty!

Too cute!

I am a die hard fan of the big bug eye sunglasses so these aren’t really my style but I love em! They are way cute and of course it’s Hello Kitty, which is always awesome. The other two things I bought from T.J. Maxx were a couple of perfumes (surprise, surprise lol). I managed to buy this gift box set for $30 marked down from like $65.

And inside…

For $30 you get a 2.5 ounce shower gel, 0.5 ounce mini perfume, 2.5 ounce perfume, and 2.5 ounce body cream! Honestly I have never tried this Guess fragrance before this purchase but when I opened the box at the store to see what’s inside I immediately smelled patchouli (side note: I love the smell of patchouli!), so I was sold. The other perfume I purchased was a perfume I had owned and loved before but this was a spinoff of that.

Wrapped With Love by Hilary Duff

The original With Love fragrance is one of my absolute favorites, and I’ve always received compliments when I wear it. This version came out for Valentine’s Day in 2008 and is very similar to the scent of the original. This 2.7 ounce bottle only cost me $10! Love it!




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