Raking In The Savings

In the post My New Love I gushed about my new Urban Decay Book Of Shadows IV Palette I purchased from the discount site Hautelook.com. Still swooning from the savings I received (the palette retailed for $64 on most sites but I got it for $24!), I was so in love with this site I thought it couldn’t be beat, until I checked my E-mail this gorgeous morning. Cherry Culture is another discount site but it sticks strictly to beauty products (the former mentioned site dabbled in all things stylish). I saw a NYX palette I wanted to purchase for awhile now and it’s on sale for $24.99, normally priced at $30.


NYX Makeup Artist Kit S101

Now the savings aren’t nearly as great on this site in my opinion, but they certainly make up for it with their special offers, free products with purchases, and even more discounts on specific items. From April 10th-April 15th they’re also giving you an extra 25% off any eyeshadow purchases which dropped this palette from $24.99 to $18.74 before shipping and $24.69 after shipping, making it cheaper than originally priced! On top of that I got a free Cherry Culture lip balm of my choice, and I also purchased a couple NYX Salon
Nail Polish in Hot Pink and Lavender for $3.60 each.


The entire purchase total came to a whopping $31.89! Cherry Culture also rewards you points for every dollar you spend (before tax and shipping) and once you reach 250 points you get a $10 gift card for their website. That may seem like a far away reward since I’ve only got 32 points but with these savings and offers I will definitely be ordering more from this site in the future :).

Has anyone ordered from this site before? If you have was it a good experience? Let me know by commenting below nerds :)



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