My New Love


I will admit I am not the most frugal buyer with anything. I’ve tried the couponing thing and it lasted for about a month then I got tired of sorting and clipping coupons. I always pay full price for makeup cause I’m always a bit weary of going to discount makeup sites, I don’t want to buy something thats old and just paid for to only have to throw it out! Anywho I came across a couple months ago and haven’t bought much of anything off their site for the simple fact when they have the stuff I want I’m broke lol. Today I got an E-mail from them telling me what deals they had today and my jaw dropped when I saw that Urban Decay was having a sale on this site! I immediately felt like this…

Love it!

So I went to see exactly what items were on sale, but honestly I wouldn’t have cared I adore Urban Decay, currently they have their 24/7 pencil sets, cream highlighters, primer potions, and the piece de la resistance…

Urban Decay Book Of Shadows IV

I snatched this palette up in a heartbeat! I know that normally this palette runs for $64 and on the Urban Decay website it’s on sale for $29, but on Hautelook it’s currently running for $24! If I can save $5 I am happy and so is my boyfriend lol. So nerds hurry and pick up this amazing deal before it’s gone :)




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