Happy Easter Nerds!

I love Easter holiday! Mainly because I get to see my adorable nephews :)


Seriously the cutest kids ever!

Also my family always has a delicious dinner, and watch kids find Easter eggs in the backyard. Normally my mother goes all out and cooks this feast of ham, sweet potatoes, broccoli with cheese sauce (yum!) and a bunch of other yummy dishes, but this year is going to be a relaxed dinner. I think we’re doing take out since funds are tight this year, but the best part is my homemade cupcakes :)


Red velvet cupcakes I made for Christmas :)

I enjoy sweets just as much as the next person (not true I love cake! hehe) but in my approach to be healthy that means basically no sweets except for holidays. So I’m lucky since last I checked Easter is a holiday, besides I enjoy baking them more than I love eating them. Usually I try to match the flavors with whatever holiday it is, so for Easter I’m making lemon cupcakes with lemon curd filling, and wait for it…lemon buttercream frosting!

I love citrus desserts! Plus Spring is the perfect time for these flavors :). I do not eat chocolate much, almost never, my vice is citrus desserts (I miss key lime pie!) so my boyfriend said he’d share a cupcake with me Sunday so I won’t feel guilty for gettin’ my sweet tooth on lol.

What are your Easter plans? Let me know, leave a comment!



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