Too Faced The Essentials Review

Before I go into detail about this kit I have to say…I lah-ooooove this kit! I am officially hooked on Too Faced cosmetics! I’ve used their Shadow Insurance before and I liked it but that’s about all my past experience with this brand. ULTA had this essentials kit for $39 so I figured what a perfect way to try more of Too Faced’s products.


The kit comes with the following items:

Sample size Shadow Insurance


Deluxe size Glamour Gloss in Pillow Talk


Exclusive Bronzer/Blush Duo in Chocolate Soleil & Pinch My Petals


Size Queen Mascara (black)


Eye Shadow Quad


Clockwise: Satin Sheets, Ever After, Birthday Suit and Exclusive Lavender.

I love all the products in this but my numero uno is the Glamour Gloss. It says it’s a lip plumping with a cool sensation lipgloss, personally I could care less about if it makes my lips appear plumped cause I have full lips already. The cooling sensation was lovely (the boyfriend didn’t like it too much when I kissed him with it on though lol) and I did notice my upper lip was maybe a tiny bit fuller. The color is very natural but does have a little sparkle to it but not noticeably sparkley. Coming from a woman who hated lipgloss for years this stuff is amazing!

I used the step-by-step look the box provided to test out all the products and here was the final look…


I have to say at first I did not like the mascara, the wand and the application was odd but I am finding myself loving this mascara! No clumping, no flaking, no itchy eyes!

The colors in the shadow quad are all colors I wear on a normal basis and the pigments are really nice and the color lasted all day! They’re super soft and velvety and do not chalk. Below are the swatches for the quad.


I wasn’t overly impressed with the bronzer/blush duo, the colors were nice when swatched not too dark of a bronzer and the blush was a cute peachy pink shade with some shimmer to it. When I applied the bronzer however it was much darker on my face and had to be lightened a lot. The blush looked great and gave me a nice flush of color.


The stats:

Shadow Insurance

7/10 I wish it was a larger size, the sample is enough for a couple of uses but once,you take the foil off its hard to get it to stick back on.

Glamour Gloss

9.5/10 I love this gloss! The color is very natural on my lips and the cooling sensation feels great. The gloss lasts a while but once it wears off a little you can feel the gritty texture of the glitter. I really love this gloss and would recommend this to anyone else who doesn’t like sticky glosses. Make sure your significant other doesn’t mind the cooling sensation like mine did lol.

Bronzer/Blush Duo

8/10 I really like the blush and it flatters my skin nicely, but the bronzer I could have done without. It is way darker than it appears so apply very lightly. I have plenty of cute blushes and more flattering bronzers so I wouldn’t buy this again.

Size Queen Mascara

10/10 I wasn’t a fan at first of this mascara but I love it now! The wand doesn’t bother my eyes and no flakes! The wand is weird but in a good way now that I know its meant to give volume and length, and trust me it does! I would definitely buy this again.

Eyeshadow Quad

9/10 I like the colors they’re very pretty and super soft once applied. With the right eye shadow primer these shadows will stay put for quite a while. My only gripe is the container, its very difficult to open and I messed up my cute manicure trying to open it.

Overall I give this kit a 9/10. I would recommend this kit and would purchase most of the products in this kit again.

Have you tried any of the products in this kit? Which one was your favorite? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Happy Friday!



5 thoughts on “Too Faced The Essentials Review

  1. Very nice review! I’ve been venturing into Too Faced more and I like their shadows so far! I think I’m gonna try out one of the quads. I really, really like that one!

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