My Love Hate Relationship With Garnier

So for the past 5 years I’ve used Garnier Nutrisse to dye my hair cause for awhile it was the only hair dye that didn’t totally damage my hair and was easy to apply. I always have to touch up my roots every few weeks cause I am lucky enough to have many gray hairs since I was 19. The last time I used this brand hair dye it really effed up my hair and really dried it out. I promised myself next time I’m switching cause the color it gave me might have been nice, but if my hair feels like a pile of straw that’s a total deal breaker.

Fast forward to last night, I needed to touch up my hair again so I went strolling down the hair dye aisle and saw this…


I was curious and apparently a glutton for punishment lol. I’ve been wanting to change up my hair color for a while and this claimed to work on naturally black to light brown hair. My hair naturally is a very dark brown borderline soft black so I knew this would be awesome to try out without going too far off my natural color. The results are why I have a love/hate feeling with Garnier.

It did change my color but nothing significantly noticeable. You can see the color is more auburn than dark brown black. It certainly isn’t what the color on the box is, but its kinda close so I wasn’t too disappointed.


Once again though it effed up my hair and I made sure I hadn’t washed my hair for 3 days cause I knew I’d be coloring my hair. I know this complaint is my fault for buying the brand again but still! Granted the damage wasn’t half as bad as last time but with the color failure and you add damage to that this will be my last Garnier purchase.

The only good thing I can say is it made my hair super shiny.

Has anyone had the same issues with this hair dye? Let me know!



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