Team Sugar Babies!

So normally all my posts are about beauty and makeup products but this post is completely different. It’s something that I am proud of myself for and giving you guys a little back story on me (in case you were curious!). As of June 2011 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. For those who think this is only a disease that just affects overweight individuals I’d like to tell you it’s not.

Unfortunately, this disease runs in a lot more people’s families than you think, and if you’re lucky like me it runs on both sides lol. I will admit I was not taking good care of myself for a long time and that was the final nail in the coffin (sorry for the morbidity). I was devastated when I was diagnosed, I thought (excuse any foul language in this post) Shit!

I know they say denial is one of the first things you feel when being diagnosed, but I wasn’t in denial. I knew this was my fault for knowing this disease runs in my family and still ate crap that was bad for me anyway. So mainly I felt ashamed, ashamed of myself for letting this happen, and ashamed because I thought my family would be upset with me.

I downright hated myself for this, and for someone who is already clinically depressed, this hatred was making me borderline suicidal. Then I thought what the hell am I gonna do now? To me this felt like a death sentence, and even now I still feel this way sometimes.

Now to the good part, or happy ending I guess? As soon as I got my hands on every diabetes book imaginable (at least 50 books) I started realizing I’m not just that girl with diabetes, I’m still the exact same person I was before, I’m just eating healthier now and exercising. I do not look at this as a blessing in disguise but I do know this helped me learn to be a better, healthier person.

I have never been the girl with a lot of self esteem but since June I’ve accomplished losing 60 lbs., and gained a knowledge of my self worth and learned to love myself for my mistakes, and imperfections. I also learned humor is definitely helpful in this situation. Most people get super P.C. around me like if they don’t say exactly the right thing I will be offended. Truth is my friends and I make fun of me about this, and I know that may sound awful, but its how I came out of all this alive!

I totally side tracked from why I was posting but anywho…

I am joining the Step Out Walk For Diabetes for two reasons, one its awesome exercise, and two I do want to help raise awareness to this disease. It’s a 5k walk and so far my sister, our friend Megan and I have created a team for this, and we are Team Sugar Babies! I’m so grateful I have the support system I have and love my friends and family for supporting me and encouraging me to do this.

Wish me luck!



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