My Favorite Things Friday!

I’ve noticed some of the blogs I follow have been doing this and I thought that sounds fun I always love gushing about stuff I cant get enough off! Since it’s Friday (the best part of my week) I figured I’d make this My Favorite Things Friday. Here is a list of things I can’t get enough of…enjoy!

(This list is in no particular order)

1. Scarves!


If I could wear a scarf for the rest of my life trust me I’d do it! I think the only time I don’t have one on is summer, here in Maryland we get this indescribable humidity and needless to say if I wore one my friends might have me commited. I think scarves are a nice way of finishing a look and adding a splash of color if you’re wearing neutral colors, or if you’re like me and get terrified by trying to match colors (I normally wear gray, or black anything) then it’s an easy way to experiment with color.

2. Big Sexy Hair Spray n’ Play Hairspray


This wonderful lifesaver in hair care form was recommended by a friend of mine not too long ago because I have super fine hair (almost baby fine to be exact) and even with all the mousse and teasing in the world my hair will fall flat in less than an hour, and that is not an exaggeration lol. I’ve cut my hair because even though I have very fine hair I do have a lot of it, so to cut down on the weight I trimmed off like 10-12 inches. Still same issue I’d give myself a blow out and all the volume I just spent the past hour and a half giving myself is gone in almost half that time. So I picked up this wonderful can of hairspray and voila! All my hard work lasts for a few hours before I have to do touch ups. I love this hairspray!

3. Victoria Secret Bombshell Perfume


My boyfriend bought this for me for Christmas this past year and can’t get enough of this perfume. First off all, kudos to him for knowing I love this stuff cause it is one of my all time favorites! When I spritz myself with this stuff I am caught sniffing my wrists all day for a pick me up, I’m officially addicted to it.

4. Neon Nail Polish

ImageI know in the Spring/Summer time it is a huge trend to have a cute neon colored mani/pedi but I rock these colors all year round. Like scarves it’s another fun way to experiment with color if you get scared of wearing bright colored clothes like I do. I will however state that if you’re going on a job interview, or anything formal this is not something you wear! I love my neon colors (I’m an 80’s baby after all) but just like tattoos and piercings these are things you do not bring with you to the workplace. If you have a relaxed work environment though, by all means, rock it out!

5. My Hello Kitty Necklace(s)


The top one my Mom gave me for my birthday a couple years ago and I pretty much wear it all time. I am completely obsessed with all things Hello Kitty and I’m quite surprised this is the only time I’ve mentioned it in a post lol. I always have something Hello Kitty with me (purse,wallet, credit card…you get the picture).

Well there’s just a few of my favorite things! Check back next Friday for another installment :).

What are some of your favorite things? Let me know and leave a comment.

Happy Friday!



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