Mini ULTA Haul

So in my previous post I mentioned Pur Minerals Glow Powder was on sale today. I managed to snag up the last one! Those suckers went fast. I was there when they opened and within ten minutes of me being there they were gone.

I also snagged a couple of essentials cause I am almost out of foundation, and NYX had a BOGO on their eye cosmetics. Anytime NYX has a sale their display is always stripped of all the things I want lol. So I just grabbed a couple eye pencils, one in charcoal and one in black (last one!)


Right now I’m using NYX HD Photogenic Foundation and I do love it but if I had to pick a cheaper alternative it’d be Fit me! #225 by Maybelline. It is one of the better drug store foundations and gives me the same coverage as NYX’s. I wouldn’t consider it a dupe though cause this foundation has sunscreen in it whereas NYX doesn’t.

I can’t wait to try the glow powder and as soon as I do…review! Stay tuned :)



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