NYX Every Color Imaginable Eye Shadow Palette Review

So yesterday was an off day so I was being super chill yesterday and relaxing. Today’s review is for the NYX palette I literally just got seconds ago so as I am doing this post I’m also doing some swatches as well. First up the pictures and swatches!



Top level of the palette.


Middle level of palette.


Full palette view.

So there are three parts to this palette, 72 small shadows, and 6 large shadows making that a grand total of 78 eye shadows! It’s not the largest palette, but it has a good ratio of neutrals and bright colors to satisfy any makeup junkie. Also it has a red eye shadow which I have yet to see in a palette. Below are a few random swatches.


A few of the bright shadows.


Some neutral shadows.


All 6 large shadows.

Now for my review. I haven’t used these yet for a look all I can review is the pigment from the swatches, but NYX has yet to disappoint with their products. My camera on my phone is kinda crappy but these are super pigmented colors. The size of these are about the size of a dime so they’re small but because they are so pigmented you don’t need a lot.

My only con with this palette is the delivery time. I ordered this palette on March 2nd and just received it today. I know this palette is only available online so in my opinion NYX’s delivery time could be a little faster. This won’t keep me from ordering from them in the future, but it is a little annoying.

All in all a nice palette for the price, and can’t wait to try out these pretty shadows.




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