Bath & Body Works Haul

First off yay it’s Friday! I figured I’d share my haul with you guys since I haven’t gotten my palettes yet. Also on a complete side note, never use super glue to fix a tile. I made this mistake and now I’ve got a layer of dry glue I can’t get off ha ha.

Now on to my haul…


Whole lotta soap!

I took advantage of their 5 for $15 deal on all their hand soaps cause I was actually out of soap from the last time I bought their 4 for $15 soaps (It’s as of they know I needed em!). Plus they had their new Fresh Picked Collection out and some other new scents I didn’t see last time. I’m not a huge fan of fruity scents cause they irritate my nose and make me sneeze like crazy, but they did have a three that smelt amazing! So I got their Fresh Picked Tangerines, Peaches, and Pears.

My two all time favorite scents at BBW are Sweet Pea and Warm Vanilla Sugar so I grabbed those up. I have to say BBW always has awesome sales whenever I go which is one of the reasons I love this store.

Well there’s my haul! Hope you enjoyed :).

What’s your favorite scent from Bath & Body Works?


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