My First Bad Review

I usually give any new product a chance, especially when I heard such good things about this primer. However, no more chances for this disappointing primer. I purchased No.7 Shine Free Primer last week at Target.


Taken from

I read in the reviews that if you want it to work to seriously moisturize cause it will look very chalky, and will not cover. I figured well no duh! So first the time I was going to use it was for a night out with the boyfriend. I prepped my skin with my normal routine, I even made sure to add a very thin layer of Nivea Creme to my face for guaranteed flawless application.

This is what my skin ended up looking like…


At least he likes this look!

I blended it in as much as possible and it wouldn’t blend. The worst part when I started to apply my foundation the primer was flaking off! So on top of looking like a mime (minus the black lips and crazy drawn on brows) my skin looked like it was blotchy and peeling off! Needless to say I was not a happy girl.

Now today, same routine to prep (I must be a glutten for punishment) but I only used it on my forehead and chin, the oilest places on my face. It absorbed a lot better so I was pleased. Time for foundation. Now I know I am not taking sand paper to my face to apply my foundation, I use a oblong blending sponge! Once again it peeled worse than before!

I will most definitely be returning this primer. I’m glad it wasn’t a very pricey product cause this is ridiculous. I am however happy to say I found an alternative that was cheaper than this primer.

I came across this primer alternative on numerous blogs and was quite perplexed. Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel is amazing and very effective at hiding my large pores, mattifying my T-Zone, and holds my makeup in place all day! Plus it feels velvety smooth on my face, and if that hasn’t raised your curiosities, it only cost me $5!

I recommend this to anyone who needs a cheap, effective alternative to primer. This is a staple in my makeup kit and if you don’t believe me check this…


If you read this post then you know I have a few discolorations and acne scars on my face. I do enjoy and have other primers in my kit, this is just a nice, affordable alternative if you need an extra primer.

What’s your go to primer in your kit? If you have any suggestions for primers leave s comment.




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