Sugar Lip Scrub

Since it’s that time of year when the air is dry and harsh you get that “winter skin” that makes your skin dull. Sure applying lotion to your arms, legs, and elbows is nice, but what about your lips? If your gonna rock the new awesome trend of matte lipsticks or lip creams you gotta have soft, smooth lips! Here’s a very easy recipe for a sugar lip scrub.

Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe


3 simple ingredients you probably already have around the house.


1 tablespoon or a glob of Vaseline or any petroleum jelly

1 tablespoon of raw honey (I used regular store bought honey and it does the same job)

1 1/2 teaspoons of granulated white sugar

1 pot or empty lip balm jar to put scrub in


I used a little jar I got at Walmart where you find those bins with travel size toiletries


Combine all ingredients in a sturdy bowl until blended into a nice paste. Add mixture to your pot or jar. In this recipe there is enough scrub if you want to share with a friend or keep for yourself later :). Next is the steps for application.

1. Apply sugar scrub to lips. Make sure you have enough to cover both lips.

2. Using your finger, scrub lips in a gentle, circular motion. Of your lips get especially dry like mine, then use a warm wet washcloth or extra soft wet toothbrush instead.

3. Use a warm wet washcloth to remove any remaining scrub.

4. Immediately after apply a nice layer of lip balm. I use eos lip balm cause they really moisturize my lips.


A few things to remember, this scrub does have honey so store your jar in the fridge for a longer shelf life. After a couple weeks discard any remaining scrub. Do not over scrub lips, once or twice a week is good enough. Just keep your lips moisturized and you shouldn’t need the scrub more than that.

The most important rule of all…Do Not Lick Your Lips! When you lick your lips your actually making them worse by stripping the natural moisture from them.

There ya go! An easy recipe and solution for those winter lips. Enjoy :)!


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