Love your brushes

In my opinion those tiny, flimsy applicators that comes with any makeup product suck! Sorry they just do :). If you like them then that’s your prerogative, but maybe I can persuade you to consider to go the professional route and use brushes instead. They are easier and way more effective at giving the right amount of color.


Now trust me I know makeup brushes can be pricey, but most of the brushes I have purchased were from Target, or Walmart. If you are on a serious budget though you can always use those ten digits you were born with, or some cotton swabs. But since this post isn’t about those I digress. In this post I will give you step-by-step instructions on proper cleaning of your brushes.

1. Place a clean towel down for your brushes so there’s no chance of getting gross bacteria from the sink on your brushes.

2. Get your brushes wet with warm water. Never use hot water! I know hot means the brushes will be cleaner, but the hot water will actually destroy your brushes. Never submerge your brushes in water because the bristles are glued to the base and WILL come apart.

3. Place a dime size amount of soap in your hand. You can use brush cleaner if you desire, but they’re usually a bit pricey. I use baby shampoo cause it is way cheaper and is just as effective, plus it smells terrific!

4. Swirl the bristles around in your hand until they’re covered in soap.

5. Rinse thoroughly until all soap is gone and the water runs clear.

6. Squeeze the excess water out gently and reshape the brush head.

7. Place your brushes on a towel where they won’t be disturbed. Since brushes can mildew if the bristles rest on a towel its best to have just the bristles hanging off the edge of a counter so they can dry evenly and into their natural shape.

I deep clean my brushes once a week this way to ensure they have a long life. If you don’t use your brushes as much as I do, which is pretty much everyday, then deep clean them every couple of weeks. If you want to keep them clean in between washes you can use baby wipes.

Just place a wipe in your hand and swipe the bristles back and forth until all product residue is removed. Repeat step 7 for the drying of your brushes. The brushes dry relatively fast cause there is no water needed for a quick cleanse. If you use your brushes on a lot of other people then make sure you clean them in between each person.

There you have it! An easy and effective method of keeping your brushes clean for a longer shelf life.


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