Time to pop my blog cherry :]

So since this is my first ever post I figured I would give you a review on a new palette I bought.

First of all I have to admit one of my favorite brands or go to for my eye shadows is NYX. Their shadows are so pigmented and dense when I apply them in the morning by the time I’m getting ready for bed my eye makeup is still in tact. They have many colors that in my opinion have the same high quality as MAC.

I recently purchased NYX Box of Smokey collection eye palette S114 cause I am a diehard smokey eye lover. I will admit it’s not the most exciting palette, but if you love smokey eye as much as I do its fun to experiment with the different kinds of shadows.

It comes in a nice hard plastic case.

When you first open the palette you see all of your eye shadows.

From left to right: Classic, Purple, Bronze, and Natural Smokey eye shadows.

Next, when you slide out the eye shadow trays there are blushes, a bronzer, and a highlight and contour palette.

And finally, there is a slide out tray on the bottom that has lip colors, glitter creams, and concealers.

The whole palette.

I will say that anyone expecting the lip colors to be true to the colors they appear in the palette will be disappointed. They are mostly a slight tint, but they are very nice as a balm or if you just want maybe a little splash of color. The glitter creams are okay if you want to layer them on top of a matching eye shadow, and they last until you wash it off. I will admit I haven’t used the concealers much but so far they’re alright if you don’t need any serious coverage.

All in all it’s an awesome palette for the fellow smokey eye lover. Most of the eye shadows are matte but there are a couple eye shadows that have shimmer in them. I’m including swatches so you guys can get an idea of the colors true to life.

Bronze Smokey and my favorite :)

Natural Smokey. Very neutral colors.

From top to bottom: Bronzer, Highlighter & Contour, and your 3 blushers.





So in total this palette includes 60 eye shadows, 3 blushers, 1 highlight and contour, 1 bronzer, 4 concealers, 12 glitter creams, 16 lip colors, and 1 eyeliner for $21.99 on nyxcosmetics.com.